Integrating Renewable Energy into the Biophilic Design of Public Open Space

Biophilic Skylight design aims to create an open public space with biophilic and therapeutic value that will provide educational, relaxing, historical-cultural, gathering spaces for a plethora of groups. Moreover, this space will integrate renewable energy that will be represented as an architectural structure (roof-sculpture) that will also provide a shelter for the visitors. The Onyx Solar Photovoltaic system will be used to create this structure, which will generate free and clean energy. Moreover, its optimized solar factors enhance thermal comfort inside the structure and provide a pleasant atmosphere to the visitors.
The structure will provide a constantly changing view of the sky. The platforms and viewpoints that will take the visitors to different levels will provide an opportunity for visitors to observe the distinctive type of gardens and diverse flora from different points.
The main goal of this design project is to create a public, open space integrated with renewable energy, which will encourage the visitors to not only pass through space but stay, feel at home, gather, relax, and interact with other ethnic groups.
Biophilic Skylight demonstrates that in one place there can be a correlation between nature, and architecture, integration between biophilia, biomimicry, open space, and renewable energy, which will not only benefit the city with carbon-free clean energy but also provide a biophilic view and stimulate people’s engagement with nature.