The Orders of the Garden

The Order of the Garden is a reclamation of the urban space. It is a disruption of the formal systems that make up the orders of the city as we know it. It is a network that prioritizes the safety, well-being, and growth of all participants— human, non-human, and things alike. Considering the history and location of the church grounds in East Village, New York this project proposes a range of Garden prototypes for vast networks of care— for the historically neglected communities in East Village, whose spaces these gardens will be adapted to in order to exchange breath, nutrition, and care. For the gardener, and the performance of gardening; for rest, rejuvenation, and gathering; for the garden, and the medicinal herbs and vegetables that the space provides with the possibility of growth.

/The project was done in a collaboration with Urechi Oguguo/ Columbia GSAPP/ Advanced Studio V
Critic: Mabel Wilson