Ecosystem in a constant process of transformation transiton

The Orders of The Garden

Embodied Ecology, operating as a middle ground in East Village, New York.

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Migrating Ecology

Architecture, Art, Science, and Ecology.

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Biophilic Skylight

Integrating Renewable Energy into Biophilic Design of Public Open Space

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Playground Trees shaping Children's Cognitive Behaviors

Tree heights, sun intensity, Lidar analysis, Sun intensity and Shade

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Eco-Sculpture Park and Art Musem

Eco-sculpture park and Museum operates as a ’’Medium’’ and allows existing landscapes, and marshlands at the waterfront to heal over time.

Eco-sculpture by providing raised art platforms provides space for artists to intervene and reinterpret what climate, sea-level rise, and environment mean to them. In the Museum the openings are chosen as a form of language to make visitors focus on the certain views throughout the mastic beach where they can observe ecosystems’ slow movement and flourishment.

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Climate and Energy Pavilion

Located at Brant Park, midtown Manhattan, Climate Pavilion accommodates public gatherings and social engagements. Roofs covered with Solar photovoltaic panels generate clean energy that helps to avoid 34,160 Co2 emissions per year.

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Metamorphosis and Climate Change

Artificial Nature



Other Nature

The processes in which natural and artificial entities combine in the hybrid way which becomes Other Nature.


End of the Year Show

“The Orders of the garden”; “Migrating Ecology”; “Sky-Light Pavilion” at Columbia GSAPP, New York, NY.


The Tree of Life

The personal Art Exhibition at Ground Floor Gallery. Brooklyn, NY


Ecosystem Patterns during the Climate Change

All Planet Earth Exhibition



online Exhibition and Honorable mention. The Art Room Gallery


Renewable energy into Biophilic Open Space Design

The Day of the Design. Morgantown, WV


Landscape Architecture

Playground Trees’ Impacts on Children’s Play Behaviors and Well-being. Maghlakelidze, M. Jiang, S. Song, Y. Li, D. 2020.

Land Art Generator

Integrating Renewable Energy into the Biophilic Design of Public Open Space: Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Symposium on Architecture and Urban Design

Biophilic Daylight Design in the Healthcare Environments: A
Critical Review. Maghlakelidze, M. Ben-Alon, L. 2021.